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China White Loose Tea

£10.00 for 50g loose tea

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Twinings China White Loose TeaTwinings China White Loose Tea
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  • China White Loose Tea
  • Twinings China White Loose Tea

This South East Asian White tea is picked from lovingly tended bushes during a short window each year and dried on rooftops - hardly any processing, which means nearly all the nutriants are left!

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"the buds are covered in fine white downy hairs"

Called "white" because the tea is harvested earlier than for green or black tea, whilst the buds are still covered in fine downy hairs.

The ultimate evening luxury, the buds give a shimmering pale golden, silken tea that whispers of summer meadows, sweet pears and waxy green apples.

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This is one of my favorite white teas, with a gentle taste and I enjoy it during a relaxed evening and after a good run I even accompany the tea with a platter of dried figs,and apricots with pecan-nuts, walnuts and 100 % dark chocolate. This is for me just drink and food from Heaven enjoyed on Earth.

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