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Tea Tasters - UK 12 months

£75.00 for 12 months

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Tea Tasters - UK 12 monthsTea Tasters - UK 12 months
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  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months
  • Tea Tasters - UK 12 months

The exciting new way to discover tea yourself …. or the perfect unexpected gift for a loved one. Here at Twinings, we are so passionate about tea and we're inviting you to join us in a flavour of the world's finest teas by becoming a member of the Twinings Tea Tasters' Club, and receive 10% of all future purchases from Twinings Direct.

Please note that this will be dispatched at the end of every month and not within the 2-5 days specified on our shipping policy.

  • What do you get? 
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"6 or 12 months subscription, and it's the perfect gift!"

You get a lot for your subscription and we hope to get to know you and your views on our teas - which will help us offer you the best service.

- A pack of loose tea of our choice every month (enough tea for 4 large teapots)

- Our expert tasting notes

- NOW 10% off ALL future purchases on Twinings Direct during your subscription - quote your reference number at the checkout!

Customer Comments

Sound of Serra

Oh it sounds exciting. I am a crazy flavoured tea lover. This will help me to find my special, distinctive flavour


sounds yum


it is very hard to get a tasty tea flavour these days, not all is as it seems, some are so strong and bitter makes one think a dye or flavour has been added, some bags need to be soaked for 10'sof minutes , some leaves seem to be tasteless, lets hope this is better, waiting for my free sample to try it.

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