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Russian Caravan Black Tea

£6.00 for 125g loose tea

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Russian Caravan Black TeaRussian Caravan Black Tea
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  • Russian Caravan Black Tea
  • Russian Caravan Black Tea

This exotic blend name originates from the 18th century camel caravans that facilitated the transcontinental tea trade, from tea-producing areas to Russia.

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"a revitalising, warming drink"

In Russia, the traditional way to serve tea was from a Samovar, which stood on the family table in the home, ready to dispense fortifying black tea to anyone needing a revitalising, warming drink.

This particular blend is from the Keemun County in Anhui Province and is a black, wiry tea which produces a black, amber liquor.

It's easy on the palate and makes a lovely breakfast tea - a wake up call and treat for the taste buds.

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Russian Caravan is my favourite tea, and without shadow of doubt Twinings Russian Caravan is the best one I have tasted. It is slightly more expensive than some brands I've tried, but worth every penny. Brewed to strength, it is the perfect beverage throughout the day. My little ritual is that I hold my mug and inhale the gentle, smokey flavoured brew slowly, savouring the intensely amber colour and fragrance before taking a sip. It doesn't matter how many times a day I drink, this is a moment of magic with every fresh brew. I think this is how tea is meant to taste.

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